On The Run: Ugandan Gay Activist Muwazi In Hiding Over Threats To His Life

The never ending persecution against gays and members of the LGBT community in Uganda has put another life in danger.

At a time when very many gays, bisexuals and transgender people in Uganda are being lynched, abused, maimed, jailed and treated to all sorts of inhuman atrocities, we have learnt that Lawrence Muwazi, a renowned LGBT activist, is living in hiding for fear of his life.

Sources reveal that Muwazi, an active member of the LGBT community in Uganda, has been missing for a long time, ever since word circulated that he was being hunted by the police.

It is said that Muwazi was one of the LGBT people who were at one of the popular hangouts in Kampala when the police raided it and arrested several gays and some escaped, although the arrested were later released following pressure from human rights activists within the country and abroad.

As a result of the complaints filed against him, an arrest warrant was issued by court against Muwazi, to answer charges of engaging in homosexual acts, contrary to Subsection 08 & 05, Section 145 of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.

Muwazi is wanted by Ugandan authorities

Sources from his family reveal that in order to keep alive, Muwazi fled into hiding after learning that he was being hunted in all corners of the country and some insiders within security circles reveal that he could be hiding in Canada, whereto he was helped to flee by some members of the gay community there.

But family members are worried that if Muwazi is indeed hiding in Canada, like it is alleged, then his life is in danger, because he is not only being hunted by the authorities in Uganda but it should be noted that being gay is an abomination in Uganda that is punished by death or life imprisonment because it was outlawed by the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.


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