Wanted: Security Hunt TVO’s social Media Critic Isaiah Ssekyanzi

Security organs in Uganda are hunting for  a political social media activist Isaiah Ssekyanzi, who hid to unknown destination  for his dear life due to endless state intimidation and political  motivated harrassment .
According to the security operatives who are on look out for  Ssekyanzi revealed that Isiah alongside deadly unanimous social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga TVO has been spreading information inciting people to riot, defy Government of Uganda programs with their “April Revolution campaign”.
Mr.Ssekyanzi who has been extremely vocal and cantankerous in organising masses to throw the government using his social media accounts.
Alongside TVO and his followers, Ssekyanzi came to lime light by revealing of high levels of inhuman behaviour by operatives of Ugandan security organs targeting citizens who have divergent views against the violation of human rights.
Mr Ssekyanzi participated a lot during the amendment of Presidential term limits in Uganda where elite security operatives attacked parliament and beat up opposition legislators.
Mr Ssekyanzi exposed a lot of lawlessness on the part of Ugandan authorities in abetting arrests ,abductions and in fact, with no legal or due procedure of countless Ugandans and holding them incommunicado.
He is on the wanted list because the time he fled, security had opened several cases, wanting him to be  arrested because he fueled violence in people to stand against government and exposed irregularities like corruption, nepotism, tribalism and inefficiency service delivery using his Facebook page accounts to sensitive the masses.When he got several threats for his life, he deleted his social media page but security operatives kept trailing him.

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