Four Asian Nationals Perished Because Of Alcohol-Police


The Killer Vehicle being towed

Police in Kampala has come out to clarify on the circumstances that caused a fatal accident involving four workers of Hema Beverages Company on Yusuf Lule Road.

While speaking to Capital times, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Asp Luke Owesigyire revealed that the accident which happened on Sunday afternoon was caused by drink and drive.’’ the driver of a car UBA 111E lost control and the vehicle swerved off the road down to golf course killing all its occupants after knocking a huge tree. So far our preliminary investigations from Mulago hospital show that the occupants were drunk and over speeding ‘he said.

The deceased were identified as Kalakada Dileep (the driver) who is an Asian national, Xu Xiang Sheng, Wei Ya Wei and Su Wei (Chinese nationals).

Preparations are under the way to transport their bodies back to their countries of origin for a decent burial.



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