Opposition Cant Win Elections In Uganda Over My Dead Body-Gen Tumwine

The Minister for Security, General Elly Tumwine, who is under scrutiny by the Rules, Privileges and Discipline Committee, has said the lies peddled by opposition MPs Cecilia Ogwal and Godfrey Katushabe show that opposition will never rule Uganda.

”Its because of such lies that opposition in Uganda cant win elections because people understand who they are.We fought to liberate Uganda so that’s why people are enjoying peace”he said

on Tuesday while appearing before the committee,Gen.Tumwine dismissed allegations against him that he belittled the Speaker and Parliament as untrue. He also denied attacking Hon. Cecilia Ogwal (FDC, Dokolo district) in the lobby of Parliament.
Tumwine said that they are malicious falsehoods aimed at damaging his reputation adding that nothing they said he did was true or contravened the Constitution of Uganda.
Tumwine added that he had been approached by the Minister of State for Health, Hon Sarah Opendi, who wanted to introduce her friend, Bukonjo West MP, Hon. Godfrey Katusabe, to discuss some issues.
Gen. Tumwine explained that Katusabe reported to him an issue in his constituency of soldiers deployed at an abattoir. He said that he wanted them withdrawn, failure of which would prompt him to bring the matter to Parliament.
“I requested him to let it be sorted by the security council of the district and that it was unnecessary for him to bring it to Parliament to waste time on such a small issue,” Tumwine added.
Tumwine said never at any time did he question who the Speaker or Parliament is as alleged by Katusabe.
“I know the Speaker very well and the roles of Parliament; having been a long time member of the institution, I cannot undermine it,” Tumwine added.
The Security minister reported that the discussion he had with Katusabe was purely private and was an exercise of a freedom.
“If I actually made those statements, which I did not, they in no way contravened any law in the Constitution,” Tumwine remarked.
Gen. Tumwine also said that he never threatened Hon. Cecilia Ogwal with a gun as claimed by the latter and asked that the accusation is retracted.
“The footage in the CCTV video is very clear that I was holding a book in my left hand and there was no sign of a gun; so Ogwal is telling a lie to the entire nation to tarnish my name,” Tumwine retorted.
Tumwine implored the Committee to take action against those falsely accusing him and said he would seek other means of justice over the issue.
“The people who have come up to say this must be brought to account for these false utterances,” he added.
The Committee adjourned promising to report back to Parliament on the matter.


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