4 Kiboga Men Arrested For Murdering 3 Kids After Demanding 5M Ransom


The Territorial Police at Wamala Region and Kiboga district are actively investigating the gruesome murder of 3 children of one family, aged 4,7 and 10, whose bodies were recovered on the 14/12/2019 and 15/12/2019, respectively at Lwamata “B” village, Lwamata Town Council, Kiboga District.

The victims who are children of Barigye Hassan, a 33 year old, male adult, were identified as; Mutesi Shurat, a 4 year old female juvenile, Nayebare Nusura a 7 year old, female juvenile, and Natukunda Asina, a 10 year old, female juvenile.

They were kidnapped from their home by John Kakongoro alias Nsamba John Isma, a 24 year old, casual labourer and a former worker of the family.

It is alleged the suspect got disgruntled after he was accused of stealing a TV set.

As a result, he meticulously executed the plan, to kidnap the children, since he knew the layout of the home and the children as well.

He left a note for their father to call him at 9pm that very day; on Telephone Number – 0708-047543.  He told him all the children were safe.

Surprisingly the following day, of 12/12/2019, he demanded for a ransom of Ugx 5m although the family managed to raise Ugx 500,000/= which was deposited on his line but still continued making death threats.

On the 14/12/2019 at about 7:30pm, the decomposing dead body of Natukunda Asiina, was recovered in the bush, 90 metres away from their home.

The following day at around 6:30am, the two bodies of Nayebare Nusula and Mutesi Shurat were recovered by the search team.

The bodies were examined on post mortem and established that the victims were murdered by cutting on the 11/12/2019. All their throats were slit using a sharp object.

“We strongly condemn such brutal and cold-blooded acts of murder including children.  There is no justification for such extra ordinary degree of violence,” said police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga.

He said so far, 4 accomplices have been arrested and detained in custody.

Further efforts are in place to trace for the prime suspect, John Kakongoro alias Nsamba John Isma, who is on the run.

“We shall not rest until he is arrested and brought to book. We also call upon relatives, friends and any other persons with knowledge about the suspect to know that he is wanted for the triple grisly murder of the female juveniles.”

He added: “They are discouraged from harbouring him but instead advised to alert the nearest police unit or Kiboga District Police Headquarters on Telephone numbers – 0714667827 or 0714667828.”


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