Race For NRM Top Leadership Gets Tense As Youthful Sheema Woman MP Takes On Her Boss Speaker Kadaga

 As the Uganda’s ruling party National Resistance Movement readies for the upcoming 2nd Meeting of the 3rd National Conference in Namboole stadium, many young party turks have openly come out to walk to the political battle field right by the side of the party National Chairman, His Excellency General Yoweri K. Museveni.

Among those competing for the party national positions is Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru, the current Sheema District Woman legislator.

Hon. Jacklet is said to have offered herself to contest for the position of 2nd National Vice Chairperson (Female) which has been held by Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga since 2005.

The youthful MP has indeed shocked very many in the national political circles when a poster believed to have been making her intentions began making rounds across all social media platforms like a wildfire.

For those who know Hon. Jacklet, she is said to be a strong mobiliser when it comes to the cause of the party and the President, she leaves no stone unturned in order to get the party’s interests accomplished.

Her bold declaration to take on the top most seat for the women in the NRM Party speaks volumes about the gap the NRM Women have faced in the party for the past few years.

Many on Social Media have termed this as a relief to the party because Rt. Hon. Kadaga has been immensely affected by the numerous schedules she holds as a Speaker along with the doctors declaration for her to get adequate bed rests.

What is unfolding today is a replica of the 2015 delegates conference during which many seniors where faced with opposition from the young team of the time that included Mike Mulongo, Godfrey Kiwanda and Odrek Rwabongo for Vice Chairperson Eastern, Central and Western respectively. Only Godfrey Nyakana continued to win the position of Vice Chairperson, Kampala Region among the youthful contestants. During that race, Hajji Moses Kigongo and Rebecca Kadaga were returned unopposed as 1st and 2nd National Vice Chairpersons after the President who doubles as the Chairman of the NRM Party showed his interest to maintain the status quo at the top.

According to some regional NRM mobilisers, Hon Jacklet is a formidable opponent to frail Hon. Kadaga who has been rumoured to be too weak to serve the NRM most especially when it comes to mobilising women and youth in the country.

These Voluntarily Positions at the apex of the party need a strong mobiliser in the current political environment where the youth are very active.

Hon. Jacklet told us this website that herself is NRM and by press time, she is waiting for her plasma to turn yellow because she believes in herself as a winner.

Hon. Atima Jackson the NRM mobiliser West Nile said, he’s is ready to support Hon Jacklet no matter what!. He added that Jacklet is a very vibrant lady, she has the ability to deliver to this country. He challenged Kadanga for having not visited Westnile as NRM Vice chairperson.

According to Amita, “in WestNile women have been abandoned and marginalized since Hon. Kadaga only goes there as the Speaker. In mobilisation you can’t compare Hon Jacklet with Hon speaker”, he said.

Hon Caroline Agolerere, the NRM mobiliser Karamoja region said that NRM needs young people to take key positions of power.

If Hon. Jacklet declares officially to stand on that post, I will deeply support her because as NRM, we need young people to take key positions of power to influence things that will transform other people.

“Hon. Jacklet is an approachable lady and has always been available when I need. Besides being a Sheema District legislator, she has been seen everywhere serving other Ugandans. This means, if we give her more power and authority, our NRM Party will gain more support,” Hon. Agolerere said.


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  1. those in support of Hon.Jacklet as 2nd National V/chaiperson big up.I personally know her as aperson with good mobilisation skills and very MUCH approachable.if we NRM faithful youth think of fresh blood,she is the right person.

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