Shame As Ingrid Turinawe’s Nuisance Case Flops Again

The case of being a common nuisance against FDC’s Ingrid Turinawe fails to resume due to the absence of a trial magistrate.

The case was scheduled to resume today and two witnesses were in court ready to testify but the trial magistrate, Stella Amabilisi was reportedly away on official duties.

Now, a grade one magistrate Doreen Karungi on behalf of her colleague has adjourned the matter until February 24th, 2020 for further hearing.

Turinawe is accused of being a common nuisance by assaulting a police officer.

Prosecution states that Ingrid assaulted detective sergeant Patrick Alunyu and caused him actual bodily harm on August 4th, 2019 at Central Police station in Kampala.

The State led by Mariam Njuki adds that on a fateful day, Ingrid while at the Kampala Central police station did an act that caused annoyance and inconvenience to the public by assaulting a police officer. kfm


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