Grace Khan’s Music Career At Risk As Singer Is Cited In Witchcraft Mumble

As singer grace khan is still battling with allegations of being associated with witch craft, Shaikh Umar has come out to prove the public that the musician is a pure witch.

In an exclusive interview with the media, Umar alleges that Khan went to his shrine seeking for “Duwa” prayers to help her win back Ex and musician Jovan Luzinda.

Umar further said, he have more than 10 evidences who can prove that Khan went to sheik Umar’s place. Among the evidence he mentioned about included, signings in the visitors books, and a CCTV camera footage. “I have 36 CCTV cameras in my place that can save recordings up to 18 years, so if she is refusing that she did not come here, there is  evidence”, said sheik Umar.

“She first went to Masaka and failed to get cured and then came to my place with two hens, but she should not mind because am the only one who can treat her in Uganda, he added.

He further lamented that when Khan came to his place, she came with three options that included; praying duwa that will make Singer Jovan Luzinda come back to her, praying duwa that will make her co- wife abort or making her die with the pregnancy.

Jovan Luzinda told the media that “One Esther, a friend of Khan brought me chicken at home. She had reportedly been sent by Khan. When I asked her why she was at my place, Esther said Khan had asked her to bring herbs in my home so that I and Khan get back together. I didn’t eat the chicken,” said Luzinda

However, Grace Khan repeatedly denied of her being in a witchcraft mumble. She further denied to have ever met Esther who claims to have been her friend when she was sent to Jovan’s house.

“I don’t know her and I don’t think I have ever met her. May be I met her as one my fans during a music show. However, those who know me know that I cannot do such a thing because I’m a child of God. But those who have ever been in love know what it can do,” she said.

The two reportedly fell out bitterly in 2018 after fighting at Munyonyo before Khan broke into tears while recording Wakyuka, a veiled message she is said to have sent out to Jovan.

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