Blunder! Finance Ministry Mistakenly Sends Shs 2.3 Billion To Ugandan Students Stranded In China

The Ministry of Finance has asked the Ugandan Embassy in Beijing, China to refund money mistakenly sent to its account.

Although Cabinet had direct the ministry to send $61,800, the Ministry of Finance transferred $600,000 on the request of the education ministry.

Now, the Secretary to the Treasury, Mr. Keith Muhakanizi has ordered the Embassy to transfer USD 538,200 (approx. UGX 2 billion) back to the Contingency Fund with immediate effect.

“As you’re aware, on 28th of February, this Ministry (Ministry of Finance) transferred USD 600,000 through the Ugandan Mission in Beijing to support affected students. However, upon receive of the Cabinet extract number, we noted that there’s a discrepancy between the amounts therein and that in the letter from the Ministry of Education and Sports,” Mr. Muhakanizi wrote.

He added: “The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to direct you to return the excess 538200 back to Contingencies Fund account”.

Finance Ministry letter to Ugandan Embassy In China

Ugandan students have been sending messages of serious concern over lack of food and other supplies after being confined in hostels.

The government says 105 Ugandan students are in Wuhan city universities where 65 are known government-sponsored students, while 40 are on private sponsorship.


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