Arrested Gen.Tumukunde Incarcerated At CID Head Quarters Kibuli

Former minister for security Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has been arrested by a security team comprised of  Uganda police, Special Forces Command, JATT alongside ISO operatives.

The security operatives first  sealed off a road to Nanjing Hotel in Kololo,multi choice Uganda offices along Impala avenue.

The meaning looking SFC Commandos with automatic riffles sealed two main roads with military trucks not allowing anybody to enter or leave Impala avenue.

By the time security stormed Tumukunde’s residence,the three star general  at around 7.Pm who was caught unaware of their operation was busy meeting some of his country wide coordinators.


Recently, Lt Gen. Henry Tumukunde who  expressed interest in dislodging his former boss President Museveni.

The reasons for his arrest are still not clear as the director of criminal intelligence AIGP Grace Akullo couldn’t be readily available to give us the charges.



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