Health Ministry: Desist From Social Media Rumours, There Is No Registered Case Of Coronavirus At Tycoon Sudhir’s Royal Plaza

The ministry of health has clarified that there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in Kampala as alleged on social media.

Earlier, social media had caught fire following a circulating video that Coronavirus had raided one of tenants at Royal Plaza owned by Tycoon Sudhir Rupaleria under Crane Management.

However, it was a lie according to the Health Ministry.

Below is the full statement from the ministry. 

March 14, 2020
The Ministry of Health surveillance teams yesterday, Friday, March 13, 2020, received an alert from Royal Complex of a lady suspected to have COVID-19 infection.
The alert was raised by workers at the premise who indicated that the lady had remained locked in her room for about one week without coming out.
Contrary to the various social media posts that have been circulating, the Ministry of Health would like to clarify that our teams used a vehicle and ambulance belonging to Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI)  to approach the said premises.
Upon reaching the said room, a lady occupant revealed that she was undergoing self-quarantine as any other person who has just returned from the flagged high-risk countries with the COVID-19 pandemic.
The team’s assessment found out this lady had no signs and symptoms but recommended she completes her period of self-quarantine. They will continue monitoring her until when she gets a certificate of completing Self-quarantine.
The Infectious Diseases Institute has since reiterated that it didn’t evacuate any suspected patient from downtown, Kampala.
The Ministry of Health has not registered any case of COVID-19. 
Let’s remain vigilant and calm but refrain from spreading false rumours.
In case of an alert report to our toll-free lines 0800100066 or 0800-203-033. 

Ministry Of Health Statement

Earlier, Crane Management had issued a Statement on circulating social media claims making rounds about a confirmed case of COVID 19 in a building owned by the Ruparelia Group.
Below is the Crane Management’s full statement on circulated rumours.
  Crane Management Services Limited


Clarification on Rumours of Corona Virus

For Immediate Release:

We would like to clarify that the social media stories making rounds about a confirmed case of COVID 19 in a building owned by the Ruparelia Group are totally false.

Crane Management Services Limited would like to clarify that the social media posts In question are full of falsehoods and relay a misconstrued sot of facts.

While the lady reported therein is a tenant in our property at Royal plaza returned to the country from China a couple of weeks ago, she duly observed tho guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Health by subjecting herself to self isolation.

Since her return she has never exhibited any signs or syrnptoms of the deadly corona virus. To our shock and dismay, a section of the public descended into unfounded suspicion and created an unnecessary scene at the building.

A ministry of health team was quickly dispatched to the scene and tested the lady whose results returned negative.

We as the property management company for the Ruparolia Group of companies undertake all the relevant precautionary measures recommended by the ministry of health.

We hereby clarify to the general public that there is no confirmed case of corona virus that has been reported from the properties managed by Crane Management Services Limited.

The public is advised to contact the ministry of health for further information a d desist from relying on rumours.

Prabhat Mishra

General Manager

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