Breaking! Sheema District Woman MP ‘Jacklet’ Drops First COVID-19 Awareness Hit Song

This should probably come as no surprise that the Youthfull Sheema Woman MP, Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru, has released the first hit song to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in the Country.

Yes, it is, a viral phenomenon and through this song, people should be made aware about the ongoing pandemic of Corona Virus. It is also not surprising, to anyone who has paid attention to Hon. Jacklet’s unmatched willingness to be with the local citizenry, that at this trying moment, she has put efforts to support a voice against the new rampant killer – Corona Virus.

“Mwerinde Coronavirus feat. Lauben Namumanya” airs the fears on everyone’s lips about of COVID-19 with a typical mix of local humor and percussion.

link to the song is here

We’ve learnt that the song is beginning to captivate the whole of Western Uganda with numerous DJ mentions across all major radios because of the words associated with keeping the people aware of the impact once the disease crops into their community. The song’s lyrics are straight to the point by capturing the terror that everyone, everywhere, is experiencing.

According to Hon. Jacklet Atuhaire, this pandemic has come when the country is blessed with real time communications hence this is a time for all the people in positions of responsibility to tap on the earlier experiences especially from the HIV/Epidemic of the 80s and 90s and focus on raising awareness among the constituents.

She reminds the public that politics aside, the grim details of suffering and death, often with patients hooked up to respirators in what many termed as the AIDS crisis, should not be repeated. She noted that it is paramount that the stigma and phobia surrounding the disease should be struck as early as possible.

“This is a troubling time and there is need to tap on all avenues that can bring awareness to the public as fast as possible. Music in our mother tongues is key when looking for solace or even to calm the nerves of the affected citizens. It is clear from the message that I have to bring comfort to the people through nothing but tradition and in familiar melodies and lyrics.” Hon. Jacklet said.

Adding that, “without doubt, this Coronavirus is certainly going to bring indelible moments of musical communion. There is a lot of power in songs to unify and console the community and with this song *Mwerinde Coronavirus*, has surely struck the right code that goes beyond Sheema District Boundaries. A contact disease has no boundaries so awareness is the key to its prevention,” She said.

The song is obviously well-intentioned, and it would be a great job if there is a video to add to it in the nearest future.

In the midst of a global public health catastrophe that is crashing the economy and underscoring gross inequities, it pays a lot for a political leader to stand up and be counted amongst the people who have invested in the message of awareness by the public.

link to the song is here below

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