Gen. Ggwanga Detained At Mbuya Military Barracks

Maj Gen Kasirye Ggwanga has said he is under detention at Mbuya Military Barracks, a stark contradiction to the army account that the retired officer was under its medical care.

“They have detained me here in the military barracks in Mbuya. Tell the public that Kasirye Ggwanga has been detained in Mbuya,” he said in a telephone conversation with Mr Dunstan Busulwa, a journalist with Top Radio on Tuesday night.

Gen Ggwanga said his woes stemmed from his refusal to have military guards and misbehavior of his son who has been misusing private guns.

Gen Ggwanga said he has been in a serious disagreement with the military administration over his own security. He said his former bosses insist he should have army guards but does not want them.

“I asked them why they sent me military guards but they insisted they had to protect me. I told them I could offer protection to myself but they refused. When this thing attacked (Covid-19), these military officers were only wandering about and they risked getting us the disease,” he said.

“I returned them (to the barracks) but they (military administrators) insisted that I had to have at least one guard. I insisted I didnt want any,” the retired general said.

In the centre of that disagreement, Gen Ggwanga says he appointed his son who had just returned from the United States as chief bodyguard “and I bought for him guns through the authority but when he arrived here, he connected with his old friends and he became a menace.”

“He has guns and moves with them freely in bars boasting he is son of Gen Kasirye Ggwanga. Today (Tuesday) I decided to remove the guns from him, he became problematic,” Gen Ggwanga said.

He said when the son refused to surrender the guns voluntarily, he invited military police for intervention.

He alleged that they told him that the Joint Chief of Staff wanted to speak to him, but when he arrived at Mbuya barracks, he was instead arrested.

“When I arrived here, they detained me. They stopped me from coming out. I am a retired army officer. I ask them why I should have military police. There is a disease. I don’t want many people (around me). I have my dog. I don’t even want their guns, I have surrendered all their guns. I don’t want to know,” he charged.

There is also information that the army called Gen Ggwanga to interrogate him about his previous actions where he has allegedly beaten up civilians in Mityana and Busega, forcing them to keep indoors purportedly to avoid Covid-19.

Last week, Mityana District chairman Joseph Luzige rallied his residents against Gen Ggwanga because police and army had refused to take action.

“Although I am cognizant government has stopped public gatherings, I will rally my people to act on Gen. Ggwanga if police doesn’t act on him,” Luzige vowed.

The army spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire said yesterday investigators were looking into the alleged misuse of guns by Gen Ggwanga’s son and the licence would be withdrawn if he is proved undisciplined.

About Gen Ggwanga’s detention, Brig Karemire said “he was discharged yesterday and should have comfortably spent the night at his Camp David home.”



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