Horror As Errant UPDF Officer, Sibling Murder Biological Mom and Burn Dead Body To Ash

Police in Rwampara District have arrested two brothers over allegations of killing their biological mother on Saturday April, 11, 2020.

The two suspects that is Private Saul Kyarimpa, attached to UPDF Second Division in Mbarara, and his young brother Mr Innocent Guma are residents of Bungyereza Cell in Nyeihanga Town Council.

The District Police Commander, Mr Patrick Opio, confirmed the development and said that around 11:00am on Saturday, Pte Kyarimpa reported to Rwampara Police Station that Guma had told him that their mother Ms Loy Barimpa, 60 “is finished.”

“Officers rushed to the scene of crime, found the door of the house where Barimpa was staying locked from outside. On breaking in, the officers saw a pool of blood clotting on floor and blood splashes on the walls. The woman had apparently been killed the previous night, but the body was not there,” Mr Opio said.

He added that upon arrest of the two brothers, Guma said he chopped his mother into pieces and burnt her using petrol.

“We recovered some bones from behind the house where Guma alleges he burnt her body from,” Mr Opio said.

He, however, doubted the account saying Barimpa was a fat woman and couldn’t be burnt and immediately turn into ashes like timber.

“We are going to examine the bones to establish whether they are of Barimpa as the search for her remains and investigations continue,” Mr Opio said.

The area LC1 Chairperson, Mr Owens Muhinda, said he got information that two brothers have been accusing their mother of practicing witchcraft.

“I heard they were claiming that she bewitched their brother (her son) and he died in a motor accident in Qatar. I also heard they were claiming that they have been alerted by a witch doctor that their mother was planning to kill them too,” he said.

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