Covid-19 Crisis: You’re Ashaming Me! Hon. Jacklet Blasts Sheema Women For Quiting Marriage In Easter

Sheema District Woman MP Jacklet Atuhaire has called for God’s intervention and repentance to women who quit their husbands and marriage during Easter holidays for failing to buy them meat and new dresses.

The call follows increased cases of men complaining on how their wives harassly treated them during Easter holidays.

“I have so far received over 60 phone calls from Kasaana, Rugarama and  Masheruka Sub-Counties. Men are asking me to talk to their wives who separated from them after failing to provide special Easter meals such as meat, rice and soda,” Hon. Jacklet said.

She added that quitting marriage in this trying time shows how impatient and heartless one can be and shameful . “I don’t expect an old woman to separate from her marriage because of a mere meat especially in these hard times of corona virus where most of the people nolonger earn, remember some of them had vowed to remain faithful and loving even in poverty, sickness and hard times,” Jacklet said.

Sheema District Woman MP advises married  woman to balance the boat well

According to Jacklet, rampant domestic violence is caused by the COVID-19 -19 lock down since couples aren’t used to staying together.

She added that stress caused by social isolation is exacerbating tensions and increasing “the risk of domestic violence.”

“Some women have failed to understand that coronavirus is a war we should fight together, i received a sad call from Kasaana that a woman separated because they didn’t buy her a new dress on Easter, really!? In this situation demanding a new dress?, let us repent and build our families,” Hon. Jacklet urged.

The legislator requested couples to be patient enough with their husbands saying this is the right time for family members to sit together and plan for the future.

She advised parents to join hands and give informal education to their children like how it was done years back. She further requested them to use this chance of rainy season especially those in villages to plant more seeds such that they can get what to feed on tomorrow.

Conversely, for the case of Uganda, deadly virus or normalcy, violence in families is unceasing. With the ban on public transport and curfew, business came to halt as the media reported hundreds of traders stranded in different towns with no means to head back home, families stuck home with no food.

The country then saw the impromptu, massive deployment of combined army and Police forces, armed with both guns and batons.

The President, while addressing the country on Tuesday April 14, acknowledged that Uganda was not prepared for a crisis that has killed several people worldwide and announced that Uganda’s lockdown will be extended for anorher 21 days (three weeks).

The 21-day lockdown extension runs till May 5, 2020 as the health professionals work hard to clear the infections in Uganda, as assess the emergency of new cases.

Mr. Museveni said that out of 5,664 persons tested in Uganda, 54 have been found to be positive. As many as 4,015 were returnees – coming back to Uganda from abroad, 1,232 were those who interacted with the returnees (contacts) and 402 were those who had not been in contact with the returnees or travelled out, but because they got some symptoms, they reached out to the health officials to be tested (alert individuals).

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