Parliament To Investigate MPs Engaging In Dubious Deals

Word coming in from our Spies in the corridors of power indicate that the Parliament of Uganda is infested with several Members of Parliament who are indulging themselves in dubious deals from which they pocket hundreds of millions of shillings.

According to our Spies, there are MPs who are using their positions to seal all sorts of deals ranging from shady land deals to gold, fuel, real estate, power brokering, scooping government procurement contracts, brokering for investors to invest in Uganda, to mention but a few.

As a result, reports coming from impeccable security sources indicate that there is a growing concern about MPs who engage in dangerous deals, because it tarnishes Parliament’s reputation.

The Spies reveal that so far Several cases have been registered in various courts of laws against MPs who allegedly participate in sale of cars, land, houses and other properties which are not theirs.

There are also those who allegedly fleece unsuspecting members of the public by getting free money from them using their influence as Members of Parliament by promising them lucrative positions in government offices which they never deliver.

Sources say that apart from car and land related sagas, there are also cases of land grabbing and involvement in various dubious land deals, plus gold scams, human trafficking and running drug cartels, all which security agencies, among them the CID at Parliament, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-Corruption Unit, the Inspectorate of Government and others are investigating.

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