Covid-19: Emergency Relief Fund For Lawyers Rescues Ailing Advocate Moses Kuguminkiriza With 1.56M,Launches Sleek Application Form

The chairperson Advocate Assumpta Kemigisha Ssebunya and Treasurer Adv Sylvia Namawejje Ebitu have released the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Lawyers and exceptionally contributed Shs 1.56 million in partial fulfillment of a request for Shs 2.8 million submitted on behalf of Advocate Moses Kuguminkiriza who is currently hospitalised at Mengo Hospital.

This milestone is largely attributed to “Moses’ Angels” – a group of three Uganda Law Society members, viz Adv Francis Gimara (Shs 260,000), Adv Primah Kwagala (Shs 500,000) and Anonymous (Shs 500,000) who jointly raised a donation of Shs 1.26 million to the Fund with a specific beneficiary as the condition of their generosity.

An extraordinary meeting of the 10-member Goodwill Committee, charged with the task of managing the Fund, held via their WhatsApp platform shortly after the Presidential Address to the Nation on Sunday, 19 April 2020, unanimously agreed to accept the conditional grant from Moses’ Angels and supplement it with an additional payment of Shs 300,000 from contributions made by the other donors.

“We spent quite a great deal of time over the weekend developing a high level security and easy-to-follow digital application form for our eligible beneficiaries, and we are pleased to announce that eighteen (18) applications have been so far received through this platform. The vetting sub-committe is currently reviewing them with an eye to making disbursements shortly before curfew today (20 April 2020),”* Chairperson Assumpta Kemigisha Ssebunya explained the weekend highlights to the press.

“However, the case of Advocate Moses Kuguminkiriza was unique and exceptionally urgent. First, it was initially brought to our attention through social media and therefore we could not treat it with the usual privacy in accordance with the Fund guidelines. Secondly, his spouse submitted a rationalised request of Shs 2.8 million, far in excess of the Shs 500,000 cap set by the Fund guidelines. Lastly, we were informed that the patient was scheduled to attend Mengo Hospital, Mulago Hospital and Kiruddu Hospital for specialised tests and treatment the following day (Monday, 20 April 2020). In light of all these factors, including the vote of confidence in the Fund by Moses’ Angels, the Goodwill Committee arrived at the compassionate decision that we have just announced today.”

On behalf of the Goodwill Committee, Treasurer Sylvia Namawejje Ebitu thanked the Fund’s donors and called upon other members and well-wishers to make further donations to help Adv Moses Kuguminkiriza to raise the balance of Shs 1.24 million to clear emergency hospital bills and to avail emergency relief to other eligible beneficiaries.

Ms Namawejje updated the list of donors who have made cash donations via her mobile phones 0700305059 and 0772364114 for the time being as follows –

1. Anonymous 200,000

2.Uzamukunda Dora 102,000

3.Isaac Atukunda 100,000

4. Daniel Ruhweza – 100,000

5. Mariam Mbabali – 100,000

6. Christopher Luwaga – 200,000

7. Daniel Makubuya – 100,000

8. Bernard Oundo – 1,000,000

9. Lydia Katami – 100,000

10. Martha Mugume – 500,000

11. Moses Kwoba- 100,000

12.Claire Kemigisha- 100,000

13. Emma Carol Rutaro – 100,000

14.Geraldine Semakula- 100,000

15. Joanita Nakimuli – 100,000

16.Irene Itol- 100,000

17. Mike Sempija – 100,000

18. Elias Bwambale- 100,000

19. Joshua Byamazima- 50,000

20. Ronnie Mulindwa 100,000

21. Anonymous- 50,000

22. Assumpta Kemigisha Ssebunya 1,000,000

23.Moses Magezi 200,000

24. Edgar Mugenyi 200,000

25.Anonymous 20,000

26. Anonymous 70,000

27.Isaac Semakadde 1,015,000

28. Timothy Lugayizi – 102,000

29. Saad Asmahaney – 193,000

30. Alexander Tuhimbise – 100,000

31. Daniel Byaruhanga – 100,000

32. Martin Erone – 310,000

33. Moreen Nyakato – 100,00

34. Sylvia Namawejje – Ebitu 150,000

35. Anonymous 100,000

36. Faisal Mulalira 100,000

37. Ambrose Tebyasa 150,000

38. Francis Gimara – 260,000 (Moses’ medical)

39. Primah N. Kwagala- 500,000 (Moses’ medical)

40. Anonymous – 500,000 (Moses’ medical)

41. Hope Atuhairwe Kisitu – 500,000

42. Asaph Agaba – 100,000

Current total: Shs 9,182,000.


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