Four Pakistani Nationals Charged, Remanded To Kitalya Prison Over Unlawful Possession Of Gov’t Stores

Four Pakistani nationals have pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful possession of Government stores, the State House Anti-Corruption Unit said in a statement late Tuesday.

The anti-corruption unit says they were found in possessions of stickers that are being issued by the ministry of works and transport to facilitate the movement of the so-called essential service providers.

The Pakistanis, who were remanded to Kitalya Prison until May 8, were charged with an Internal Security Organisation (ISO) operative named sergeant Stephen Ariong Asikol.

Convicts at court

According to officials, Asikol sold the stickers to the Pakistanis.

In a televised briefing this past Friday, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga said Asikol, who had been assigned to work with the works and transport ministry, illegally printed and sold the stickers.

Enanga said he was selling the stickers between Shs150,000 and Shs300,000.

He said such schemes had caused an “an increase in the number of private and select public vehicles on the road.”

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