In Uganda: Gov’t Tests Over 180 Street Children For Covid-19

Samples from at least 180 street children encamped at Nakivubo Blue Primary School during the lockdown following the outbreak of coronavirus in the country have been taken for testing.

Officials at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) on Friday said this will enable them know the status of the children especially those who going to be reintegrated with their families.

At least 40 street children have come to terms with the authorities to unite with their families while 80 others have chosen to join vocational training.

Ms Harriet Mudondo, the director gender community services and production at KCCA, said the children have reached this decision with the help of psycho-social support and counselling.

Ms Mudondo said the children will be further followed and communities sensitised to prevent them from facing stigma.

“We have had 18 social workers, 17 streets uncles and four nurses working with them on a day-to-day basis. They have been making sure the children come to terms with what they want to be in life and how they want to turn out and so we have reached a point, she explained.

Ms Mudondo added: “We have been able to identify about 40 children that have decided to go back to their families because a family is an ideal place for the child to be.”

Meanwhile, China State Constructing Engineering Corporation Limited (CSEC) has donated reintegration package for the 40 children.

While handing over the donations that include mattresses, blankets, sugar and rice, among others, Mr York Wu, the chief representative of CSCEC, said children are talented and are the future of the country.

However, for some children who were not willing to either join institutions or reintegrate with their families but rather stay on the streets, KCCA said it will continue to engage them so that they can make the right decision. (DM)

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