Covid-19 Lockdown: Six Big Mistakes You Might Be Making While Shaving Pubic Hair

Shaving down there is a necessary process for every adult as it’s a major part of good grooming.

As much as it sounds like a no-brainer activity, it actually isn’t since a lot of people make mistakes while doing it, and in most cases, they’re usually not aware they’re making these mistakes.

Therefore, if you can’t afford or are scared of waxing but still strive for a smooth shave with no skin irritations afterward, here are shaving mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

Shaving against the grain

Man Shaving against the grain

When it comes to shaving, people are quite different. Some choose to shave in the direction that their hair grows towards while others choose the opposite.

However, according to Gillette, it’s advisable to shave in the direction that your hair grows, not against.

Shaving against the grain has a higher chance of causing skin irritation, and this is something no one wants to deal with down there.

Shaving before a shower

A woman having a shower


If you’re fond of shaving your bikini area before taking a shower, then you’re doing it all wrong.

Dry shaving is a major cause of skin irritation, as your skin gets scratched in the process.

It’s therefore advised to wet the area first before you embark on the shaving process. Alternatively, if you have a bathtub in your home, soak yourself inside for around 10 minutes, before a shave. Doing this not only opens the pores but also softens the hair making the shaving process easy-breezy.

Using that one razor forever

They say nothing lasts forever, and your razor shouldn’t be an exemption.

Not changing your razor frequently enough can somewhat be dangerous and sadly this is something a majority of people are guilty of.

When blades are not changed as often as they should, they tend to become dull, and chances of dull blades causing skin irritation are high because you’re forced to run it over the same place multiple times to get the hair off.

Also, blades that have been used for long can turn rusty, and if not careful you might use it without noticing the rust. This can result in a really bad infection.

Not exfoliating before a shave

A woman shaving part of her armpit


They usually say for you to be successful in something, you cant skip the process.

Exfoliating is one of those vital processes one has to do before picking up that shaver.

Therefore, if you’re planning to shave, simply use your preferred scrub and rub it gently around the bikini area a few hours beforehand.

The process eliminates dead skin and prevents ingrown hair, hence leading to a smoother shave.

Using soap and body wash to shave

Some people tend to use soap or body wash as a substitute for shaving gel or cream without realizing this is a huge mistake.

Soaps and body wash don’t provide the gentle glide that shaving creams and gel do. This increases the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs.

Besides, some soaps and gels are harsh and might lead to an unpleasant situation down there that will require you to seek medical attention

Putting on tight outfits after a shave


A woman wearing tight outfit

It’s important to let your skin breathe after a shave. Tight clothes might easily irritate your skin which is quite delicate at this point.

Therefore, this is the time to put those tight jeans at bay and embrace cloths that will easily let you breath, such as dresses, skirts, baggy shorts and baggy trousers.

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