The Western Democracy That Promotes Institutional Racism; Why Africa Must Rethink The Kinds Of Political Systems Imposed By Western Allies?

By Cadre Matua Job Richard

The ongoing events in our World have revealed in lots of incrementing evidences of the hidden truths about the World relationships.

From the alleged mistreatments of Africans in China, UAE, Turkey, Qatar as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic to the unimaginable killing of Georgia Floyd, an African American, the naked truths of the World relationships have have exposed.

The disproportionate deaths of African-Americans in USA and Africans in UK as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic must not only worry us but for the first tell us, the morally sensible humans, the ugly truth of the systemic oppression of black race since abolition of slavery and slave trade, 213 years ago on 25th of March 1807.
That the deep mentality of the Whites about black race as slaves has never been erased from their minds 21 generations down the road.

Democracy, criminal justice systems, education, religious practices and every aspect of humanity has been designed to undermine the black race and deny its success.

As governor Coumo of New York State puts it, I qoute ” the real issue is the racial discrimination of blacks that continues, that is endemic to USA, that is institutionalized”.
Africans scholars, political elites, educated elites, the wealthy class with unsually high appetites for everything Western must rethink their minds once again.
That not all is glittering as we may take from the face values.

The dissemination of report of research on the racial divide in USA by an African-American scholar, is revealing about the extent to which the problem has been embedded in legal system and have been made to look the normal thing.
Even in States with majority black population in US, they can not vote exactly be as a reflection of there population demography reveals. This is because the system design is deliberately to disenfranchises many African-Americans.

There is an ugly statistics of a US State with a population of African-Americans of 67% but only 6% voted during the 2008 Presidential election in USA, in which President Barak Obama emerged victorious.
This evidence is deeply troubling, given the strong movement & the excitement Obama Candidature caused in 2008, with the slogan “Yes We Can”.

In one of the videos online(YouTube) by one honest white man, the reality is actually that Africans or blacks are feared by the whites due to their resilience.
Using Biblical reference of Exodus, the Whites actually equate the determination of the black race to succeed amidst all odds & oppression to the determination of the Jews in Egypt during the King Pharoah & Moses times.

The deception deliberately promoted by the whites that Africans are inferior is actually to mentally ruin the minds of the blacks to accept their sub-judication by them.
It has nothing to do with Scientific facts.

If that revelation is true, which I strongly believe, means that Africa must re-do retakes of assessment of everything imposed on her by the Western World from political systems, education Programs, Monetary Policies, LGBT rights, to family planning programs including religions.

All evidences seem to point at chronic failures of African elites & scholars in understanding the hidden agenda of these “Webeberu”, a Kiswahili version of the Whites.
That these things the West has consistently promoted are actually tools of sub-judication of Africans.
It is high time we reject them out-rightly or Africanize some of them.

Looking at one example of Political Confusion fueled by dirty deals of unpatriotic & unscrupulous African politicians with their funders in Western Countries, is un-disputable fact of the deliberate approach by these self declared enemies of the black race to delay our progress, our take off in terms of development.

The intense Promotion of LGBT rights by America and its European allies is another present day western window dressed evil manifesto to lower the rate of growth of Africans in those Continents and Africa. It has nothing to do with human rights but needed to be promoted as such for fast acceptability.
The numerous attempts to buy religious leaders into the scheme of homosexuality is indicative of the white man’s trick to fail Africans and by & large the black race.

The massive attempt to arm twist Authorities in Madagascar to fail their own locally discovered remedy for covid-19, the Covid-organic, is another Western blackmail of the blacks.
The ugly part of it is the mind boggling allegation of attempted bribery. To again use International bodies like W.H.O is very funny.
Indeed these organizations like UN, ICC, Security Counsel, FIFA, IMF are all tools to fail Africans. IMF is the worst because it is the vehicle for bringing stupid Economic/Monetary Policies.

– The most clearer option for Africa & African people to choose is to Africanize back everything in our lives but doing so with great modifications to avoid obscene practices like Monarchs heavily influencing the Politico-Social & Socio-Economic affairs of our society.

We must once and for all reject anything foreign whose hidden motives we don’t Know.

Africa should only relate with the external people, if it must, purely in terms of economic relations negotiated as a block but NOT individual States.
Hence the need for fast tracking Continental Free Trade Area Agreement and Unification of Africa, even if it is just an Economic Unification like EU( European Union).

Chinese influence in Africa too must be fiercely countered before it gains deeper grounds like the Western influence.

Africa can be alone & trade with itself and to a lesser extent with the external World because everything needed is available in Africa.
This position will force the World to fairly negotiate better terms of relationship with Africa.
This will be the only way Africa can realistically rise to the levels of these external World powers.

External World can not do without Africa because the basic raw materials for their Industries are found in relatively high abundance and good qualities in Africa.

It is now that Africans in diaspora must stop being misused as intermediates to disorganize their mother Continent.
Our diaspora population must seek for knowledge and technology & skills to come and build Africa.
They must stop having negative attitudes towards Africa or even trying to falsely change their Nationalities.
Africa, Africa, Africa, beware of the external aggressions to rape you.

Matua Job Richard
Is a Senior Cadre of NRM, a Patriot of Uganda and Pan-Africanist.
Tell: +256780264121

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