Humiliated: Willis Bashasha, Family Members Blocked At Museveni’s scientific Campaigns In Bushenyi

As days are getting closer to the elections polling day,Bushenyi politics are going to another level, the Bashaasha’s Family is currently in entangled and paying for its egoism and intrigue.

President Museveni security detail and protocol refused to clear the attendance of Bashaasha Yorokamu and his son Willis Bashaasha to the venue where the president was supposed to meet the delegates.Mzee Bashasha after joining choir

When things became tough , crestfallen Mzee Bashaasha decided to join the choir singing on the roadside full of humiliation. While his cantankerous son Willis Bashasha decided to get a chair and keep on the road with shame around face Bweranyangyi where the president was supposed to pass atleast to have a chance of the events .

Defected: Willis Bashasha seated on the roadside

In the corridors of power, it is said that President Museveni sacked Willis Bashaasha from office of the NRM director manifesto implementation and bitter Gen. Museveni doesn’t even want to meet him. Currently,Willis is using elders from Sheema to talk to the president for pardon but none is willing to help, Willis is not employed by the state house .

Edmund also one con man who is alleged to have been using state house name to fraud many people was in hiding because the security details for both first lady and president were present. It’s also known that he sold all the properties he had acquired and now the farm he was using as demonstration is no more after state house taking all their tools and controlled the land which must be handed over to the District ownership because it was paid by government.

There is a common word both Edmund and Willis may be its catching up with them.

Willis Bashasha has been involved in Many Bushenyi District scandals alongside Bishop Johnson  Twinomujuni who are accused of besmirching Church canons by giving politicians siding with Annet Katusiime platform in different Churches of West Ankole Diocese.
It is said that WAD church leadership recently started supporting candidate Katusiime for Bushenyi district woman Mp on NRM ticket after husband Eng.Silver secretly contributed towards the construction of Bishop’s house.
Save WAD team accuse church and Katusiime for using religious sects to secure jobs in NSWC for some of their supporters.

People are extremely bitter and divided after hearing that church leadership was supporting it’s decision saying that its the constitutional rights of leaders to vote like any other person in Uganda, but said that it would be wrong for them to use their positions to tell Christians whom to vote.

Last month, Bashasha shocked people when he forced his daughter inlaw Eunice Tworekirwe Kansiime out of Bushenyi woman member of parliament race.
Her supporters went up in flames accusing Bashasha of sideline with Annet Kansiime Mugisha to harass her opponent.



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