The Sacrifices Of Our Health Workers To Handle Covid-19 Patients Must Not Be Abused By Anybody Be It Patients Or Authorities

By Matua Job Richard

Dear Citizens, the sacrifices of health workers to put their lives in harms way to screen & treat Covid-19 Patients must not be down played with by everybody.

The severity of Covid-19 doesn’t need any introduction. The infections of nowhere over 15 health workers is enough evidence to gauge the degree of effectiveness of the virus in infecting people.

It is now clear that anyone who comes intact with a person having Covid-19 stands greater risk of contracting the disease.
Looking at the exponential/sharp/rapid/drastic increase in the number of infected people, it is clear than by the end of June, we will have close to 2000 or even bigger numbers of infected people.

Imagine the risk of possible Exposure of health workers, who are always intact with Patients. How much exposed are they exposed to Virus? Extremely very high level of exposure.

– We must urgently consider payment of risk allowances to all Health workers who come intact with Patients whether those of corona or not.

Why must we do so? The justification is that at anytime, the health worker coming intact with any Patient may be exposed to Covid-19.

We have many asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19. The latest research by a Team of experts from Makerere University School of Health Sciences showed that over 50% of Covid-19 Patients in Uganda are asymptomatic.

So it will be proper to consider all health workers to be at a risk of contracting Covid-19.
This way, we will surely stimulate morale in these Patriotic Citizens, the health workers to put their lives in harms way to protect the Ugandans.

The health workers treating the admitted Patients and those screening people should have a higher amount of risk allowance because they are more exposed than others.


Uganda’s greatest dangers remain illegal entries at porous border points.

South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania border points are our biggest threats.
South Sudanese are entering almost every day posing the biggest threats in Adjumani, Yumbe, Moyo, Koboko, Lamwo districts that border South Sudan.
The ever Increasing cases in Adjumani, Yumbe, Koboko are basically caused by illegal entries of South Sudanese and also Ugandans returning from South Sudan.

The swelling numbers of Covid-19 Patients in Kyotera & Rakai districts are due to continued illegal entries from Tanzania.

I pity Dr John Pombe Magufuli for claiming that there is no corona virus cases in Tanzania. Why are our Kyotera & Rakai People being infected by Tanzanians? The actions of Magufuli & China’s declaration of wrong figures have given me evidences that we could be living in a post truth world, where lies are told without shame so long as they are told by those in positions of authority.

We must reject Magufuli lies and protect our people plus health workers in those districts near Tanzania.


Many Ugandans are beginning to develop an attitude that Covid-19 doesn’t kill Africans

This attitude is too lethal and at most reckless. There is no scientific justification let alone empirical proof that indeed Covid-19 doesn’t kill Africans.

The propagaters of this wrong hypothesis forget that in South Africa, the death/fatality is 3%, the same fatality rate in USA, South Korea and some Scandinavian Countries.
They too forget that in UK & USA, the biggest number of fatalities are Africans in those Countries.
Therefore, the assertion that Covid-19 doesn’t kill Africans is false and must be rejected.

Accepting this false theory puts our health workers in greater risks because many people may end up being infected flooding Hospitals.

I appeal to everyone using various Platforms of communication to strongly discourage this narrative that Covid-19 doesn’t kill in Africa.

The slow progress of infections in Africa actually mirror’s that of South America, where our close relatives live.
It must never let us think that the virus is not efffective in Africa. We may end up being badly hit if we try to believe in deception.

May God Protect our Patriotic Health workers! May God Protect all Ugandans!

Matua Job Richard
A Cadre of NRM, a Patriot of Uganda and A Pan- Africanist.

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