Ungrateful As Troubled Ex Ambassador Mamtaz Kassam Is Nabbed In Another Land Fraud

Mamtaz Kassam a Ugandan deputy ambassador in Italy, former Ugandan envoy in the United Kingdom and Asian businesswoman in coalition with Aggrey Muhwezi are in hot soup after it was discovered that the duo forged certificates of title for a chunk of land measuring of 320 acres in, with intent to grab the land and evict the settlers there on, including squatters and the actual land owners.

According to court documents seen by our reporter, the contentious land wrangle started when Wilson Obren Fob a white settler leased 320 acres for 99 years off land situated in Luwero district, comprised in Bulemezi, Block 15 Plot Nos. 96 and 97, from the late Mako Kitenda, father of Semu Tenwya Musoke (also deceased), in or around 1913.

Evidence of Court documents reads in Part

However, in or around 2013, when Mamtaz realized that the years had passed by and the lease had expired, she stealthily connived with Aggrey Muhwezi plus some mafias at the Uganda Land Board and Ministry Of Lands and managed to acquire forged certificates of title indicating that she had acquired the said land on Freehold vide Bulemezi Freehold Register Volume 2, after which she started demanding the family and administrators of late Musoke’s estate to vacate ‘her’ land.

She went ahead to register the land as her own under the proprietorship of Kalungu Estates LTD, claiming it belonged to an Asian family that goes by the name of Jamal Waiji, which she claimed is based in Canada or United Kingdom, and that the same land had been put under the Departed Asians Assets Custodian Board (DAACB), and that she had legally repossessed it after buying and registering the property vide Freehold Register Volume 2.

Court documents reads in part

But after thoroughly investigating the matter, the Uganda Police Land Division discovered that the said Jamal Family is actually based in Uganda and has never owned or claimed to own the said land and that Mamtaz had actually forged the certificates of title for the same land.

So after learning that Mamtaz was using shrewd and underhand methods to grab their land, the family of late Semu Tenyawa Musoke, led by Wilson William Muluuta, who has powers of attorney over the deceased’s estate, processed a certificate of title through the office of the Administrator General and repossessed the land, before parceling it out to the genuine owners, who include; Muluuta Wilson William and Samuel Nsozi Njuki.

However, in a bid to proceed with her ploy to grab the land, Mamtaz dragged the Administrator General, Commissioner Land Registration, Muluuta Wilson William, Steven Mulema, Samuel Nsozi Njuki and Madinah Nabukeera, to the High court Vide case file number HCCB No. 671 of 2014, claiming that they had grabbed her land in Luwero District, comprised in Bulemezi Block 15, Freehold Volume 2, worth Shs1,000,000,000 (One billion shillings), which they had illegally parceled into plots after securing certificates of title for the same.

She thus prayed to court to compel them to vacate her land, cancel all the certificates of title they had secured for the land and compensate her with costs for the suit.

However, after clearly examining the evidence and facts presented by both the Plaintiff (Mamtaz aka Kalungu Estates), and the defendants, court quashed her purported ownership of the land and ordered her to pay costs of the suit to the defendants, after discovering that Mamtaz had forged the Freehold certificate of title.

Court also issued an order to the defendants to cancel all certificates of title that had been secured by Mamtaz and Kalungu Estates LTD in lieu of the land under contention.

In his ruling dated June, 5, 2020, Justice Andrew K. Bashaija, ruled that;
“Given the above findings, the Plaintiff’s case is hereby dismissed with costs to the 2nd Defendant.

A consequential order doth issue directing the 7th and/or 8th defendants to cancel the Freehold title comprised in Freehold Register Volume 2 Folio 8, Bulemezi registered in the names of the Plaintiff (Kalungu Estates LTD).

Having found that the 1st Defendant, the Administrator General, who was entrusted by court, to administer the estate by virtue of Letters of Administration for the estate of the late Semu Tenywa Musoke, Under Administration Clause No.66 of 1984, yet turned around, compromised and entered into a consent with other parties that the Mailo title in Bulemezi Block 15 Plot 96 and 97 did not belong to the said estate, it meant that the 1st defendant grossly breached its duty of trust in respect of the suit property he was entrusted with to administer.

Judgement reads

The 1st defendant therefore, ceases to continue to have any authority whatsoever on the estate property or any part thereof. In light of that fact, the 2nd defendant having demonstrated the ability to protect and safeguard the estate of the late Semu Tenwya Musoke, court orders that the 7th and/or the 8th defendants shall register the remainder of the estate suit land in the name of the 2nd defendant.

court judgement reads in part

For avoidance of any doubt, the remainder of the estate suit land outside what was already distributed by the 1st defendant, to be registered in the name of the 2nd defendant, shall be specifically held by the 2nd defendant not as his personal, but in trust of and for the benefit of any other beneficiaries of the estate of the late Semu Tenywa Musoke.”

It should however be noted that Mamtaz is not new to controversy and cases of fraud. Credible sources reveal that she was recently in parliament being questioned about Asian properties which were again had been acquired by the Ugandan government and paid for, yet she claimed to own them.

We shall dig and feed you with more facts


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