Crisis As Drivers Fail To Keep Social Distancing At Face Technologies


Drivers have raised concerns over failure to observe physical distance guidelines at Face Technologies.

In March, the Ministry of Works and Transport closed all driving permit facilities around the country as a precaution to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

However, the company opened on Tuesday attracting hundreds of drivers who want new driving and those seeking to renew old ones. 

When our reporter visited Face Technologies, many drivers had queued up in disregard of the physical distancing guidelines issued by the Health Ministry to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Few people were seen practicing social gathering measures like wearing masks.

Jamada Sebijogo a truck driver from Kawanda said that he was shocked about the congestion.  He said that they can easily be exposed to danger because of failure to observe the 4-meter distance as advised by Health authorities.

Johnson Kajura a taxi driver from Nateete said that although some drivers wore face masks, they were standing close to each other in the queue. He blamed authorities at the company for failing to ensure their clients observe the physical distancing and other Covid-19 preventive measures.

Susan Byarugaba from Mpererwe, who reported at face technology, said the failure of fellow drivers to observe physical distancing is putting everyone around at risk.  

Byarugaba said that police officers have tried to make sure that all people queuing up are putting on masks and there is at least space of two meters, but people are adamant. 

He added that the congestion is extremely much but they have nothing to do.

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