56 Year Old Man Hangs Self Over Shs 500,000 Debt

Shock hit residents of Kabaga Village in Karambi parish, Nyarubuye Sub County, Kisoro District when a 54 old man ended his life in a painful way.

The deceased Mbarushimana Ponsiano, 56 years on a Monday June 15,2020 night ended his life by hanging self on an avocado tree using a rope made of a mosquito net after allegedly failing to clear a loan of Shs 500,000 he had borrowed from a local saving group.

Kabaya Local council one chairperson Deo Mbonimpa said that he was notified about the incident by a resident and he later informed police.

Deo added that the deceased opted to hang himself after he failed to convince his wife Ansira Nyiraguhirwa to allow him sell part of land and clear a debt of Shs500,000 he had borrowed from a local saving and credit group.

Meanwhile, Nyiraguhirwa Ancilla the wife to the deceased has since refuted claims of denying his husband to sell part of his land to clear a debt.

A detective police officer attached to Kisoro police station, Gahutu George confirmed the incident and advised residents to use available authorities to resolve family issues.

Meanwhile; men from Kabaya village have decried mistreatment by women from the area.

They accuse NRM government of giving women more Powers over men on domestic assets.

Women who spoke to the local media house acknowledged that their fellows mistreat husbands thus asking fellow women to honor their husbands if tranquility must prevail in their families.


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