Bad Black Finally Settled To Zero Balance

Kampala Socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa, alias Bad Black, has finally received her payment for the Covid-19 advert.

Bad Black had spent two weeks on social media blasting the Ministry Of Health on how they used and dumped her without clearing payment for an advert sensitizing ladies especially prostitutes to desist from interacting with truck drivers, in order to stem the spread of covid-19.

However, both the Health Ministry and Precision Media the company that delt with Black distanced selves from allegations and said the advert came as a donation from Black which the socialite dismissed.

Bad Black, on 19 June, reached out to events promoter, Balaam Barugahara to help her secure her Covid-19 payment, an issue which the promoter promised to follow up.

However today afternoon, Bad Black said she has been fully paid and expressed her gratitude and allegiance to President Museveni and the National Resistance Movement party.

“Fully paid…… PEOPLE POWER nze ndi wa NRM let’s start where we stopped…. We love you daddy aKagutaMuseveni, am done with the struggle thanks to those who Supported me bambi,” she tweeted.

“I am signing the agreement after two weeks, I have received the money after NRM Supporters mobilised themselves, and I have pledged to cease fire,” Bad Black said.

Upon payment of Bad Black, Balaam Barugahara said they couldn’t let her attack the ministers and officials in the Health ministry given the noble work they are doing in the Covid-19 period.

“I thank Bad Black for accepting to settle these issues, we have done this as NRM Supporters, Bad Black made an effective advert sensitizing prostitutes to desist from truck drivers but when we saw her abusing and disturbing the Ministers who are doing a great job we had to find solutions,” said Balaam.

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