Arcades Remain Closed & Opening Is Only Supposed To Be Done By The President – Min. Amongi

The Minister for Kampala Betty Amongi has said that it is only President Yoweri Museveni who can announce the reopening of arcades because he is the one who ordered for their closure.

Among said, “The opening is supposed to be announced by the President because he is the one who closed the arcades. We have done our work and we have proved with the scientific committee that these people have put in place all the scientific measures to control the spread of Covid-19.”

Minister Amongi added that they have notified the Prime Minister and are now waiting for a confirmation on when the President will address the country again.

According to the minister, the President’s address “cannot exceed one or two weeks.”

At least 39 other arcades in Kampala had not yet met the guidelines and according to Amongi, they hope that by the time of the President’s address, numbers of the arcades allowed to operate would have increased because work is continuing.

“Those who have not fulfilled just have to fix a few things and the inspection team will go back to verify. The inspection is free,” Amongi said.

Following a meeting with arcade owners on Tuesday, the government revealed a total of 48 arcades that had met the set guidelines and standard operating procedures in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus and according to minister Amongi, the 48 arcades will now have to wait for confirmation from the President.

Arcades that fulfilled guidelines

Mukwano Arcade, Modern Shoplex, Grand Corner Plaza, Arua Park Plaza Arua Park Annex, Magoba Shopping Centre, Mega plaza, Sekaziga House, Teddy’s Plaza, Prism E Tower, Kampala Plaza Shauriyako Original, Bulamu Bwebugagga, Ssembatya Arcade, Plot 15 A and B, Kabala Shopping Arcade Avema Shopping Center, Nambusi Arcade, Kisa Kya Mukama, Eagle plaza Galiraya, Discovery plaza, Capital Center Gadith, House William, Ham Shopping ground, E-M plaza, Royal Plaza, Hanifa Towers, Yamaha Center, Zai Plaza, Jjemba, Sky shopping arcade, Dembe arcade, Trusted arcade, Gagawala Shamba Complex, Apple plaza, kisekka Auto Center, KK trust, Vinco Arcade, Byamugisha Ben, Angels arcade, Zebra House, Nabugabo Business Center, The Arcade, Light Arcade and Market Plaza.

Arcades yet to fulfill guidelines

Boost Complex ,Superior Complex, Katikati complex, Arrow , Peoples plaza, Park Enkadde Mall, Annet Plaza, Silva Plaza, Nagatule plaza, JBK Plaza, Temuseo Mpoza, Namaganda plaza, Park View Shopping Center, Maria’s Galleria, Universal House, California Plaza, City Center Complex, Totala Business Center, Gazaland, Printers House, Royal complex, Nakasule, Zibula Atudde, Katonga Business Center, Haider Plaza, Kalungi Plaza, Victor Nana arcade, Qualicel Bus Teminal, French Plaza, Nasser Road Mall, Dembelyo House, Moonlight arcade and Sal House.

Credit: Nilepost

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