Sex Pest: Teenager In Kasese Impregnates 12 Girls On Same Village, Escapes

Authorities in the western Uganda district of Kasese are in a needle search of a boy that is accused of mercilessly bonking and impregnating up to 12 girls in one sub-county of Maliba.

According to the O/C of the Police Child and Family Protection Unit in the district, Mr. Sebiya Kimugha, the boy was aimlessly shooting bullets in uncordinated battlefields, leaving a mess in 12. Kimugha disclosed this on Monday during a meeting in Kasese.

The suspect is said to have separately woed the 12 girls during the COVID-19 lockdown and impregnanted each of them on separate ocassions, some of whom are below the age of 18.

“We cannot be sure. 12 are the ones that managed to come out. There could be more that have not yet come out to report about those responsible for their pregnancy.” Eric Musondoli, a contact in Kasese said.

Afande Kimugha made the revelations at a meeting organized by the Girl Empowerment (GEP) where a one Godfrey Bwambale of the same organisation said their two year project was targeting 700 school girls and young mothers.

There was a similar case in Kasese last year, according to Afande Kimugha when they received a case of a child mother who delivered at 12 years. She was allegedly defiled by a 25 year old man whose whereabouts are since unknown.

His family refused to give him up, according to the Police and even this current one may not be disclosed.

This quarantine period has really done more harm than good as this gets us to the other news we recently reported that more than 800 teenage girls have been impregnated in a period of 3 months in Koboko district.

We are following the story and we shall get more details for you as they unfold.


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