No Visitors! – Nakaseke District COVID-19 Task Force Blocks Patient’s Attendants

The Nakaseke District Task Force has restricted attendants to patients and banned visitors in hospital wards across the health centres to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Nakaseke district registered a fifth COVID-19 case on Sunday after a health worker from Kiwoko hospital tested positive of the virus. It’s reported that the health worker contracted the virus from a colleague who earlier on tested positive after allegedly attending a burial in Buikwe District.  

So far three health workers attached to Kiwoko Hospital and two community alerts have tested positive in Nakaseke district. All the patients have since been transferred to Entebbe Grade I hospital for treatment. Scores of contacts are quarantined at Kiwoko Hospital after coming into contact with health workers.

As a result, the Nakaseke District COVID-19 Taskforce has resolved to issue fresh guidelines to all in charge of health centres to contain the spread of the disease.  According to a circular issued by Nakaseke District Health Officer Kellen Evelyn Musiime to the in charges of private and public health facilities, every patient admitted must be attended to by one attendant and no visitor should be allowed in wards across all health facilities. 

Musiime added that all patients and attendants accessing health facilities in Nakaseke district must put on face masks. She also reminded the in charge of health facilities to also abide by guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health to stop the spread of the virus. 

Africano Aharikundira, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Nakaseke district says the measures are intended to protect both patients and health workers against COVID-19. Aharikundira also asked residents to observe guidelines issued by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Ministry of Health if they are to stop the spread of the virus.   

Disan Lwanga, the District Councillor for Kiwoko town council welcomed the guidelines but said much should be done to address gaps that may lead to more community transmission. He explains that there is laxity in wearing masks across the town councils despite the reported cases in the district.

James Makande, the LC III Chairperson of Kasangombe sub-county says that the guidelines are good but said he is sceptical about their enforcement citing rampant absenteeism of Incharges of health centres. He also asked the District Taskforce to enforce guidelines in the community since the virus can spread faster there over laxity.

The Nakaseke District Taskforce also ordered for closure of HIV/AIDS unit at Kiwoko hospital after a health worker attached there tested positive of COVID-19. By the time of compiling the story, nine people in Uganda had died of COVID-19.



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