Watch Video: Somali President and Vice Exchange James Bond Blows

In a rather unpopular turn of events, Somalia president and his deputy exchanged James Bond kind of blows to the point of wrestling to the ground.

The duo were sitted next and close to each other in what seemed like a press briefing or public interview.

In a video that went rival, the duo were holding hands like there was something the two of them wanted to have before they got up and blew each other effortlessly. It took a bunch of men to settle the two leaders who were caught up with fighting one another.

This is a very rare occurrence to happen anywhere in the world. It is not only embarrassing but also a very bad example from the people who should be preaching peace and acting as good role models to the entire country.

They battled out in the public and in front of the cameras. The law can make risky divisions between supporters of the president and his deputy. They should set their pride aside and apologize to their residents to ensure the nation remains joined together in peace and harmony.

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