Disturbing Video: Police Reveal Why They Shot At Mark X Car

The Uganda police have spoken out about a video that circulated all over social media on Monday, in which a policeman was filmed shooting at a grey Mark X car that had been flagged down by traffic police.

According the police, the driver of the said vehicle had been involved in an accident and was driving to drive away in defiance.

A statement from police spokesperson Patrick Onyango about the matter reads thus;

On the 16.08.2020 at about 1710hrs Police at Buloba checkpoint intercepted a numberless Mark X motor vehicle after involving in a minor accident with a Taxi (Toyota Hiace) Registration No. UBA 681T at Bujuuko, and failing to Stop at a check point.

The crews at Buloba swung into action after a tipoff from their counterparts at Bujuuko.

The driver of the numberless motor vehicle duly complied and parked. A fleet of Subaru Forester motor vehicles that were in the same company with the numberless motor vehicle that has been intercepted arrived there after from the very direction of Mityana/Bujuuko in a loudy state and caused fracas at the Buloba checkpoint, shouting that they were not ready to leave their colleague behind.

One of them, driver of a motor vehicle Registration number UBD 026C Subaru Forester Black in colour, grabbed the gun of No.66024 PC Ogwang Tonny Morris in an endeavour to disarm him.

In the scuffle, ammunitions were discharged and in that scuffle, suspectedly, a fragment of a cartridge hit hard on the stomach of 58883 PC Mutungirehe Ramuel causing him a superficial injury.

He is receiving medication at Cathalon Clinic but he is out of danger according to the clinical officer.”

The statement continued that; “The Numberless Mark X that had been impounded was forcefully driven away but the Subaru that was being driven by the errant driver as aforementioned remained at the checkpoint and it is impounded although he himself fled. Inquiries instituted.”

We have since established that the police are hunting for the Subaru driver to face a number of charges as investigations into the matter continue.

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