Elders Punch Holes In Credentials For Basaliza’s Competitors

The elderly people and several voters in Western region have expressed doubt for all the candidates that are competing with Rtd. Col. Hon. Stephen Bazalisa for the Elderly Representative in Parliament seat.

As the 2021 general election looms nearer, elders in Western region reveal that of all the competitors in the race, Basaliza is the only candidate with credible credentials, because his closest opponent Priscilla Mwesigwa, is just a mere lady who has no Political background and not known anywhere.

The elders reveal that Basaliza’s other competitor is Joram Tibasimwa, the current Chairman National Council for Elderly Persons. He was appointed to that position in 2016 but according to reports, he messed up the whole Council until it died a natural death due to lack of leadership skills.

Elders further accuse Tibasimwa for not for their rights especially those who are being evicted on land, fighting for their pensions when government pushed years from 60 to 80 years and provision of a convenient way of accessing basic needs from Government.

Elders this website reached out to in Mbarara said, Tibasimwa was a former head teacher at Mbarara High School but during his reign, the school was at the peak of indiscipline with endless strikes.

Another contestant is Bishop Zebedde Masereka from Rwenzori region, who however was recently blasted by Bishops for Breaking their ethical behaviors, after he deviated from their decision to rally support for Hon. Basaliza.

It should however be noted that President Yoweri Museveni also warned the clergy about partisan politics, reason why religious leaders in Rwenzori region had agreed to bestow upon Basaliza God’s blessing for leadership, instead of engaging directly in politics the way Bishop Muhindo did.

Besides that, elders in the region also contend that although Bishop Masereka is a man of the flock who has spent several years serving God, he doesn’t have experience in partisan politics since he’s spent all his time in Church.

Another one in the race is Ms Anne Bakazimbaga Muhindo. She came under fire when elders said despite need for Elderly representation, it also imperative that one should be energetic to traverse the Constituencies as there are so big a case of North from Karuma to Sudan boarder, East from Busoga to Karamoja, West from Kisoro to Karuma, Central fr from Tanzania border to Busoga

Armed with a lot of experience and ready to represent the elderly people from western Uganda, Basaliza, a former Commissioner of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), served in the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces as Director of Human Rights (2007 -2010) and in the Ministry of Defence (1997 – 2001) after which he joined Parliament as MP for Burahya (2001 – 2006), after which he went on to pursue private business.

Basaliza was among the first contingent AMISOM Troops to be deployed to Somalia in 2007, under the Command of Gen. Levi Karuhanha, (RIP). With that field experience, he understands what the elderly are going through, among them being veterans.

After his tour of duty in Somalia he returned to Uganda and was appointed Chief of Pensions, Gratuity and Survivor Benefits in the UPDF where he served with Diligence and honesty without complaints.

Hon. Basaliza advocates for the elderly years of getting pension to be reduced from 80 years to 60 yrs as it was before, such that more elders can benefit from this scheme.

He was then given another assignment in the Uganda Human Rights Commission and since he understands the challenges of the elderly and he’s been advocating for their equality, fairness through the Commission.

However, he has since opted to return to the political field as a Member of Parliament for the elderly in Western Uganda come the 2021 elections, after securing the blessing of religious leaders and the elderly people in the region.

He wants to Link the Elderly to Operation Wealth Creation, Ministry Of Agriculture/NAADS Program such that they get some provisional support from Government.


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