FDC Primaries: Dr. Warren Katoora Distantly Floors MP Roland Kaginda, Ingrid Turinawe In Rukungiri Municipality Elections

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary for mobilisation, Ms Ingrid Turinawe, Mugume Roland Kaginda,  Benon Rwenzigye, Herbert Mbabazi Kawawa and Francis Musimire were on Tuesday August, 18 defeated by Dr Warren Tumwine Katoora in the party primaries in Rukungiri District.

Mugume Roland Kaginda who is the incumbent Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament was miserably defeated and came third after getting less than half of the winner’s votes.

Iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe who has contested for the same seat more than twice was seeking to hold the FDC flag in the upcoming general elections however, it didn’t go well after coming second in the Party Primaries which were won by Dr. Warren Tumwine.

The winner, Dr.  Tumwine polled 130 votes in a race that attracted six candidates.

Ms. Turinawe came in second with 65 votes followed by Mugume Rolland Kaginda who got 62 votes.

The remaining three; Benon Rwenzigye, Herbert Mbabazi Kawawa and Francis Musimire all got zero votes.

Ms Turinawe, told the delegates before the elections that she has already demonstrated that she can fight for the interests of the party and Ugandans, and that if elected MP flag bearer doors will open for her for the good of the party.

“I have fought for the party and I will continue supporting it. I am the person who fights during the day and at night until I get what the party wants; I need your vote so that I can go to parliament, that when I am taking a petition they open the door and say the MP Rukungiri Municipality has come. In most occasions I have been blocked because I have no seat in parliament. I want Rukungiri to be at the centre of bringing change in the country,” she said.

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