Quality Education: Six Students of Delhi International School Admitted To Do Medicine & Surgery at Makerere Universitity

Six of the students of Delhi Public School International School who passed their CBSE class 12 examinations 2020 have been admitted to Makerere University College of Health Science.

The six have been admitted to pursue bachelors of Medicine and surgery.

They include Adit Patel, Likesh Reddy, Hawwa Huzeifa, Khushi Dhawan, Shah Anuj and Shambavi.

The school is credited for putting in place policies that make it easy for real transfer of knowledge.

The implementation of such policies has seen children not only learn and develop through formal methods of teaching but also though various ways some of which include project presentations, hands-on experiences and field trips.

All Classrooms at DPSI are equipped with smart boards to make learning sessions more interesting and beneficial to both the students and teachers.

The school administrators and teachers work hand in hand to make DPSI the best international school and hold themselves responsible for the school’s success.

Admissions for ages 3 to 18years are open.

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