90% Of Kampala Covid-19 Cases Used A taxi Before Infection

Up to 90% of  Kampala’s record 175 COVID-19 cases have reported using public transport and the taxi park.

The other key of source of infection, according to a statement from Kampala Capital City Authority, are offices and workshops and Arcades due to noncompliance to simple preventive measures.

The KCCA Public Health Directorate has issued notices to the non-compliant arcades to ensure full compliance to the SOPs within 7 days after which stern sanctions shall be imposed upon

In just the last 11 days, Kampala has registered 175 cases out of which 116 (66.3%) are alerts, 46(26.3%) are contacts, 9 (5.1%) health workers and 4(2.3%) returnees.

A significant proportion (66.3%) of the new infections in Kampala were “alerts” followed by contacts of previously confirmed cases at 26.3%.

“The substantial proportion of alerts is possibly an indication of high community transmission. These are being manifested following the opening of public transport (taxis and boda-bodas), shopping arcades,” the KCCA statement released today stated.

KCCA also warned about slums  Kasosoko, Kisenyi and Nakulabye plus political activities that are aalso feared to be drivers of new infections.

“A number of people are not seeking medical help when showing COVID 19 symptoms. This delayed access of medical help has led to some being confirmed to have the disease after death. This poses a risk to relatives who participate in the burials,” KCCA said.

By early today, Uganda had registered 19 deaths, with three of them on Wednesday. Majority 15(78.9%) of all 19 COVID-19 related deaths registered in the country are from Kampala. With the rest (21.1%) across the country.

Taxis are proving to be a big risk area

Ugandan cases shoot past 1,700

The cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Uganda as at close of business 20th August 2020 was 1,750.

Of these, Kampala has 394 COVID-19 infections accounting for 22.5%. In just the last 11 days, Kampala has registered 175 cases out of which 116 (66.3%) are alerts, 46(26.3%) are contacts, 9 (5.1%) health workers and 4(2.3%) returnees.

A total of 71 new cases were reported in Kampala for tests conducted on 19th August 2020, marking the highest single day infections for the City.

Kampala now has 221 active cases (in hospital), whereas the whole of Uganda has 537 active cases representing 41.2%

Kampala registered its first COVID-19 case on 23/03/2020 and then hit its next hundred on 31-07-2020. It took four months for Kampala to hit 100 cases, only 10 days to hit 200 cases, and in less than 5 days is closing in to the 400 mark.

“It is more evident that if we don’t change our behaviour of noncompliance to health safety measures, and downplaying the threat of COVID 19, the situation will worsen which can lead us into a lockdown of affected areas to protect the lives of the most vulnerable city dwellers,” KCCA said.

President Yoweri Museveni is also unhappy with the situation, and in his address to the NRM party governing body CEC, said he will address the nation next week.


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