Uganda Recalls Ambassador To Denmark Cited In A Scandal To Steal Govt Funds

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recalled ambassador to Denmark and her deputy, after the pair were recorded apparently plotting to steal funds meant to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

During the meeting, in a video which circulated on social media, Ambassador Nimisha Madhvani, her deputy and other staff members are heard devising a plot to share money which was meant to aid stranded citizens.

They appear to suggest that instead of registering the money for COVID-19 use, it should be apportioned as an allowance over eight days for the diplomats.

“Give yourselves $4,000.” Deputy ambassador Elly Kamahungye is heard to say, admitting there would be “jumbled accounts” while recalling how diplomats were able to bribe auditors to shelve a previous probe into embassy accounts.

Nimisha herself suggests that staff members “find a way” to use the money.

Uganda’s foreign ministry’s permanent secretary Patrick Mugoya pledged a full investigation in a statement on Monday, saying “the ministry wishes to express grave concern about the allegations, and takes this matter seriously”.

“In the meantime, the officers implicated have been recalled to the ministry headquarters to pave way for the investigations.”. …AFP…

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