Robbing From Voters: Tanga Odoi Nullifies Nyabushozi County Results Over Irregularities

The National Resistance Movement party Electoral Commission Chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi has nullified Nyabushozi County primary election results and warned party candidates and members in Kiruhura District against violence exhibited in the past days.

Following a meeting held with the NRM leaders together with NRM electoral officials, the chairperson of the NRM Electoral Commission Dr. Tanga Odoi has suspended the Kiruhura election results.

“We have had an election in Kiruhura which am not going to declare, I am going to suspend it because the fouls were many”. Dr. Odoi said.

He added that the party is going to investigate and the report will guide on whether they can go with the current results or whether an election will be conducted.

Dr. Odoi said that the officials who handled the election were not transparent enough and because of that it has caused NRM an embarrasment.

The most chaos came from the hotly contested Nyabushozi County election where Col. Fred Mwesigye, an NRA bush war hero (one of the original 27 rebels that waged war against Dr. Milton Obote’s regime) was declared winner amid protests from his rival Ambassador Wilson Kajwengye and his supporters.

On his social media accounts, Kajwengye declared himself winner and wrote thus…

Dear Comrades,

I am definitely the winner of today’s NRM primaries! Results from all the polling stations/ branches through out the constituency as they have been streaming here confirm that. This, is in spite of the massive intimidation, open bribery, threats to my Agents and supporters etc etc.

All the three above and more openly flout the laid down and sacred NRM party ideals.

Comrades, It hurts to the core to the bone mallow seeing supposedly senior cadres of the Party killing and burying the otherwise sacred core principles and Ideals of the Party.

Comrades you recall I protested earlier by writting to the Chairof NRM Electoral Commission, DR Tanga Odoi, about the District registrar

The way today’s election was conducted vindicated me. How on earth do you deny agents of a candidate copies of DRFs, claiming they didn’t have sufficient

I am, there fore the clear winner of today’s election and accordingly the flag bearer of the Nyabushozi Parliamentary seat!

I thank you dear Comrades for standing with me.

Enaama Nuungi Yentunguuka

Eyebrows were raised after the Kiruhura district NRM returning officer, Kiruhura district first declared Ambassador Wilson Kajwengye the winner of the election.

A few hours later, he declared Col Mwesigye something that prompted supporters of Kajwengye to dispute the results citing bribery, intimidation, and malpractice.

In a lengthy interview, Dr. Tanga Odoi revealed that the most of Western Uganda recorded high levels of violent confrontations in the just concluded NRM primary elections.

Dr Odoi said it was only Mbarara that was peaceful as the rest of the districts exhibited violence.

“Right from Hoima, up to Fort portal, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa. You go to Sheema, I had to stock myself here for a long time and Bushenyi too,” he said.

He noted that the candidates that caused the violence just missed by whisker from being disqualified.

“Because what they’re exhibiting in the field shows that if I had had time to interrogate their behavior, I should have dismissed or suspended or disqualified many of them,” he said.

Overwhelmed by the violence and other malpractices in the NRM polls, President Museveni also party chairman on Saturday evening announced that those promoting the vices would be harshly handled, through criminal prosecution.

“We should not allow crooks to pollute our massive force that you saw yesterday. Down with crooks,” he wtote.

“I am not Tanga Odoi but my entering from the criminal side, which is my Constitutional duty as President, will help Tanga Odoi. Help us with the facts,” the President wrote.


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