Pallaso: Covid-19 Vaccine Should Be Tested On Ugandan Gov’t Officials First!

Team Good Music CEO Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso yesterday shocked social media when he came up with a post that he considered to be the best idea of combating the spread of Covid-19.

The ‘Malamu’ hit maker suggested that once the Covid-19 vaccine is discovered, it should first be tested on government officials such that if they respond to the vaccine that will mean that it (the vaccine) is good and can be used by the rest of the people.

On the other hand, Pallaso notes that if the officials die in the process, that will mean that the rest of the people in the country are safe and won’t be administered to fake vaccines.

“Coronavirus vaccine should be tested on government officials, if they are safe the vaccine is good, but if they die the country is safe,” the singer posted.

Pallaso’s comment comes at a time when the Uganda government has resolved to allow candidates and final students to resume with their studies.

The ‘Akomelerwe’ singer has not had it easy in this lock down and it could be the reason he has no kind words for the Covid-19 task force.

On 30th July, Uganda Police force confirmed its mission of hunting-down prominent Pallaso for allegedly flaunting Covid-19 rules on parties.

This followed the raid at Pallaso’s home in Luwafu, Makindye by security operatives as they attempted to arrest the singer who instead fled with police handcuffs.

Asp. Oweyesigire revealed that the Police operation was after they received a tip of a bothered neighbor of Pallaso who complained on how the artist caused miserable nights to his neighborhood with loud music and his disorderly gang.

The Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson Asp Luke Owoyesigyire, said they were willing to do their best to have the ‘Ekiro Munzikiza’ hit maker in custody sooner.

Mr. Oweyesigire further revealed that Pallaso had overly desisted respect to the security operative but this time round, he would be charged with three cases; Assaulting the Police, obstruction of Police duties, and lastly illegally possessing Police handcuffs.

“It’s not the first time he is disrespectful to the security. He is now supposed to answer on cases of beating-up a national security personnel, forcefully rejecting arrest and escaping with Police property of handcuffs,” Luke explained.

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