On Loose: Eng.Mugisha, Female Friend Rose Burst Out Over Bushenyi Youth Elections

The youth elections in Bushenyi were stopped due to a hot contest between Atuhaire Rose whom youth rejected to be old to stand for youth elections at 34 years .

She is contesting with Sheila from Ibaare subcounty ,its said that efforts by Eng Silver to pull her off the race and leave Rose unopposed have failed after his alleged offer of 15million shillings and a job in NWSC.

This race has left Eng Silver locked because Rose threatens to expose all their interpersonal sweet life discussions and secrets to the public if she is not supported by the old male friend. It is rumoured that Rose has started even to twerk on the MD wife Annet Mugisha who also was not lively with the worrying closeness of  Rose and Mugisha.

By now the Bushenyi NRM electoral commission has not fixed date for this election until Rose and the opponent sort themselves.

Many people in Bushenyi are asking why does Eng silver push the candidature of Rose when he got big support for the wife Annet . How do we vote the wife and concubine at same time.

Many times Eng Silver Mugisha has been water dripping discussions with Rose on how drill and enjoy , healthy, clean and harvest liquid  at his home in Bumbaire Bushenyi and in other public places.

Rose is wide awake to share all video and photos to public on how to drill and harvest clean natural water with the expertise Eng Mugisha the senior water man at NSWC.


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