Family Day Out With Kids: Tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia Takes Family To Kidepo Valley National Park

Property mogul, Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia and family are on tour to Kidepo Valley National Park in the northeast of Uganda

East Africa’s richest Dr. Sudhir, renowned for his love of tourism and efforts towards conservation in Uganda, was conducted on a game drive on arrival to the park, and within about twenty (20) minutes his family spotted the King of the jungle- lions atop a rock.

“Can you imagine within 20 minutes of landing we are actually able to see a lion. This is Kidepo National Game Park for you, it’s my second time here,” Sudhir said.

Dr. Sudhir has since called on all those who have not visited this amazing park to do so if there is an opportunity.

“It’s a place that one needs to visit from wherever you are in the world-Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda, truly the Pearl of Africa,” he said.

Located right in the middle of park, is Apoka Safari Lodge where the Ruparelias are staying. This lodge has 10 expansive rooms with natural canvas walls surrounding a rocky kopje with endless views across the savannah.

The swimming pool at Apoka Lodge – deep and cool – has been carved out of the big rock. This is the kind of pool that makes you want to jump in, splashing and yelling, feeling like a kid again.

– KVNP –

Gazetted in 1962, Kidepo Valley National Park tucked in the corner of Uganda’s border with South Sudan and Kenya is truly one of Uganda’s spectacular parks. It is an area of classic beauty with vast and myriad herds of wildlife roaming freely through untamed nature.

There is something wild and starkly beautiful the traveler goes to feel in Kidepo. That something extends beyond the open tree savannah, Acacia Geradi forest, scenic landscapes, vast herds and Karimojong manyattas (huts): it’s something that speaks to the soul.

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