FDC Eulogizes Sebaggala,Raps EC Over Brutal Police Officers

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) expressed its deepest condolence to the family of Al-Hajj Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala upon the demise of the former Kampala Mayor.

“Our condolence to the whole nation,” said party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda on Monday.

Ssebaggala will be remembered for inspiring the urban poor and uneducated to participate in the elections.

Remember his rise in 1998 came approximately after the 1996 presidential elections which dashed hopes of many Ugandans.

Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere a pro change candidate had just lost this election.

The Ssebaggala victory in Kampala restored hope.

“May the Almighty be pleased with his service.”

“As you are aware nominations of candidates for the local government is concluding this week on Thursday October 1st.”

These nominations have been poorly conducted especially in urban centres where the number of councilors are obviously high.

Candidates have had to sleep at nomination centres in Wakiso, Mukono and other areas.

In some extreme cases, candidates have had to bribe security personnel at the gates in order to access returning officers.

Mid way the exercise in Waksio, the format of nominations changed from first come first serve to allocating days to constituency.

Some candidates are up to now without certificate of nominations.

Candidates of the NRM by-passed lines and were nominated first just because they are NRM.

The Justice Byabakama Commission must investigate these irregularities or else they will be repeated during the general elections.

Now that candidates have/are being nominated, the Electoral Commission must issue clear and specific guidelines on how campaigns are going to be conducted.

“We need to know the number of meetings and number of attendees local government candidates are allowed,” Nganda noted.

Of course the number of people attending MPs and presidential campaigns should be high.

The EC must also reign in on Police to stop dispersing campaign meetings, he said.Ege

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