Hon Jacklet: Gov’t Won’t Spoon-feed You My People, It’s Time To Wake Up & Work

By Nayebare Syrus

Sheema District Woman Member Of Parliament Atuhaire  Jacklet Rwabukurukuru has urged residents to stop being begers, lazy and thinking government will help them on everything.

The legislator made remarks during a press conference held at Sheema view hotel in Sheema Municipality.

She advised parents to utilise this long holiday while their children are still at home to carry out agricultural activities, such as planting trees, different food stuffs as a preparation for famine that may come in the coming dry season.

Hon. Jacklet urged residents to make use of this rainy season since the next academic year is not far and children can’t study with empty stomachs.

She said that at least every family in Sheema has where to start from because she gave them hoes, fertilizer, maize seeds and others.

She requested parents to give carrier guidance and protect their girl children from hostile men. “Be kind and humble to your children, many girls are likely to conceive in this long holiday, they should stay at home and be safe even from Covid-19. Give them the necessary needs and don’t forget to take them back to school” She said.

Jacklet also told us that she will come back in the 2021 general elections as an independent candidate and she’s ready to serve her people with passion as she has been doing.


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