Fired Col. Kaka Refuses To Handover Office To New ISO Boss  Oluka

By  Our Reporter

Rtd. Col. Frank Kaka Bagyenda, who was  Director General of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) until he was fired last week, has refused hand over office to his successor Lt. Col. Charles Oluka.

Kaka was fired last week by president Yoweri  Museveni, who is also the Commander In Chief of armed forces, following a litany of shortcomings in the execution of  his duties as  head of ISO.

Following the new developments, Kaka, as standard government protocol, was meant to officially hand over office to Lt. Col. Oluka but in a sudden twist of events he refused.

We have since established that Kaka defiantly snubbed the handover ceremony that was held on Wednesday  after he intentionally skipped the ceremony without any communication or apology.

Sources however reveal that there has been bad blood raging on between Oluka and Kaka, who reportedly fired him in 2018.

It is alleged that Oluka was Director Technical Services at ISO before being mistreated by Kaka who brought street boys and favored them against career spies.

During Kaka’s tenure, Oluka was demonized, rendered incompetent and put on Katebe by his boss in favour of Simon Peter Odongo, who is currently being prosecuted for his several crimes.

According to sources, Kaka refused to hand over claiming that Oluka was his junior in rank, despite the fact that this his junior had been appointed by the CIC and he should have shown respect to the CIC by officially handing over office.

Accordingly, we have since learnt that as soon he assumed office, Oluka’s first action was to close all detention centers by giving whoever was in those center 100k for transport to return home.

This was done within the first 24 hours but we have learnt that the all hardcore criminals who were recruited at Namayumba Island have since refused to leave, claiming they want to first meet Kaka who recruited them, despite being aware that the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) will arrest them.

However, what remains unclear currently is the position of Deputy Director General, which had had on been given Maj Emmy Katabazi, who was also promoted to Major.

This is because the Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine insists the position was given to Taban Amin, son of former president Iddi Amin Dada, which was also confirmed by UPDF spokesperson Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaso.

Accordingly, if Amin assumes office, he will be reporting to Lt. Col.  Oluka, which is rare, since Amin is at the rank of Maj. General, a rank above Oluka’s.

However, due to the impasse, analysts contend that soon the President may be required to step in and personally organise the spy agency so that Lt. Col. Oluka is allowed to do a good job efficiently.

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