Grief, Tears As Mourners Pay Last Respects To Yiga, Pastor Asked To Be Buried With TV

Untold grief and sorrow engulfed believers today at Christian Revival Church Kawaala, a city suburb, as they paid last respects to their fallen pastor, Augustine Yiga aka Abizaayo.

Pastor Yiga died early this week at Nsambya Hospital, where he had been bedridden for several days, battling a terminal illness.

A mourner at Pastor Yiga’s funeral reading a verse out of the Bible

Mourners have been holding vigils at his church at home ever since he died on Monday and today they thronged his church after a casket containing Yiga’s remains was brought in, such that they could have the last chance to see him, before he is buried.

Pastor Yiga’s son and widow at the funeral

However, we have since established that according to his will, Yiga decreed that he should be buried in church and with a TV Screen that shall be on 24/7, broadcasting his favourite TV station, ABS TV.

The casket containing Pastor Augustine Yiga’s remains

We shall bring you details about Yiga’s burial, although news coming in indicates that there are several widows surfacing with children, who include among them some of the deceased’s relatives.

Pastor Augustine Yiga (RIP) with his now widowed wife

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