Sex Pest: Police Arrest Sheema Man For Mercilessly Drilling Brother’s Waterlogged Wife

By: Nayebare Syrus
The Sheema Central Police is having in custody two people for allegedly having sex in a very unpleasant way.

The arrest came when Richard Katambira 45 years, a resident of Rushorooza Zone3, Kitojo Ward in Sheema municipality reported to police accusing his biological brother Muhanguzi Didas, 35 yrs for disorganizing his family and above all endlessly drilling his official wife Nyansiina Maria Goroti 35 yrs whenever he leaves home for work.

Katambira alleges that him and Nyansiina are married and blesssed with 5 children together but he was recently shocked learning that it’s his brother who have broken their matrimonial marriage.

He added that after hearing rumors about the unfortunate act, went to his brother’s residence without informing anyone and it was true.
“Nyansiina left our five children and hurtfully went ahead to get married to my brother. I caught them red handed and ran to police to get assistance from security because my brother  threatened to kill me.”

However, Muhanguzi denied allegations saying Nyansiina is also a family member therefore he doesn’t see any problem associating with her. He said that Nyansiina left her home after being harassed and beaten by her husband. He added that he’s the one who took her to the hospital, and he was helping his brother’s wife a good brother.
Nyansiina accused Katambira of failing his responsibilities as a man. She alleges that he left her alone for years at home and married another woman. She added that after hustling for her children for years, the husband recently returned to disorganize them
In a new twist, Allen Nyongyera, Muhanguzi’s official wife said, ever since her husband started dating his brother’s wife, life changed and he has since started mistreating her both physically and sexually.
ASP Mukago Mary who’s the Community Lisons Officer said police is still investigating circumstances and promised to handle the situation in a mature way.

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