Sexy Ugandan Model Doreen Kabareebe Joins Film Industry, Debuts In Own First Movie

Veteran Kampala model Doreen Kabareebe, who leaves thousands of men in Uganda and abroad smiling every time they see her, has finally hit the big screen.

Our Moles reveal that Kabareebe has embraced her talent in acting by joining the Ugandan movie industry that is popularly known as Kina-Uganda, by unveiling her first movie titled the ‘The Last Princess Of Keze’.

A scene from Doreen Kabareebe’s new movie ‘The Last Princess of Keze’

In the said movie which will officially hit Uganda’s cinemas soon, Kabareebe, who acts as a heroic warrior, is the lead actress, who comes from the future to save  her kingdom from a deadly pandemic that has the magnitude of Covid-19.

According to a preview of the movie; A recent war between Wagadi and Keze Kingdoms results into a pandemic when a Bio-hazardous weapon was used against the Kezes.

Doreen Kabareebe flaunting her booty

A warrior from the future (Lucumi) steps in to save the only surviving Princess (Tara) who’s being hunted by the monsters of Wagadi Kingdom!

Title: The Last Princess of Keze.

Genre: Afro Futuristic, Action, Thriller.

Photography/costume designer: @nellysalvatorephotography.

Concept/Costume designer: @deriq_kissinger

Model/Warrior (Lucumi) @doreenkabareebe

Kid Model/Princess (Tara): Paris

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