Clean Up! Political Money Bags In Sheema Municipality Parliamentary Race Cry Foul As Youthful Moses Mulindwa Presents Unbeatable Manifesto

By Nayebale Syrus

Sheema: The aspiring member of Parliament for Sheema Municipality Moses Mulindwa has called upon residents to vote him because he is different from other contenders.

The 23 year old Mulindwa made remarks while presenting his manifesto to electorates on Tuesday November, 10, 2020 at Kashozi division in Sheema Municipality. It’s from this place Mulindwa explained to his voters that he came in the race as a leader and a messiah not a ruler.

On Youth, he explained that the challenges presented by unemployment and underemployment are huge but there are opportunities both to divert youth from anti-social into productive behaviors, thus avoiding social unrest, to harness the youth population and to drive economic development in Sheema Municipality.

“We demand an enabling law and a policy environment to facilitate job creation, skills development and enterprise opportunities for young Ugandans,” Mulindwa said.

Living exemplary, Mulindwa have already registered a powerful football club Sheema FC, and bought four brick laying machines to help youth who didn’t continue with education.

When asked why he’s giving youth a priority in his manifesto, Mulindwa said that the National Vision 2040 predicts improvements in employment levels and labour markets conditions through a mix of measures that include implementation of the national employment policy as well as other laws, policies and guidelines on labour productivity and employment and it’s high time we the youth push for this since those who have been in parliament failed to make a change..

“Am going there to put our government on pressure and all actors to take issues of youth participation seriously. We should have more programs that target youth involvement, because they are the majority,” he added.

According to his manifesto, Mulindwa says he came to work with government to institute mechanisms to also encourage youth involvement in the agricultural sector across the value chain by promoting the establishment of youth cooperatives and availing public land to youth.

About health, he said there’s need for increased availability, access to and uptake of quality and affordable health care services for all residents in Sheema Municipality.

On education, Mulindwa promises voters to work with government to develop a skilled, talented and competitive workforce through access to quality education.

He promises to “Okushaka” from government to enhance free skills training opportunities through UPPET and BTVET, which provide an opportunity for creating new vocational centers and utilizing the available community polytechnics.

He wondered why people have turned Politics into business. He told youth that it’s now their time to fight for themselves. “You’ve seen how people are buying votes, it’s unfortunate but don’t be that cheap. Whoever buys you for votes won’t do anything for you, you will instead be his slave Instead of being your servant,” he warned.

“You have studied for years and therefore don’t let your parents down, it’s the right time to show their generation that really education is the key to success. I don’t have money to buy voters but even if i had, I wouldn’t buy votes because am your servant.”

Chrispus Rwamahe a teacher by profession encouraged parents to always take their children to school because they are leaders of tomorrow.

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