Witchcraft: Sheema Police Arrests Shameless Man With Child Coffin

By Nayebale Syrus

Sheema Central Police is having Nuwamanya Brian in its custody for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Nuwamanya an employee at NEBS Bar and a resident of Kabwohe division, in Sheema municipality was arrested on Wednesday November 11, 2020 when concerned residents ran to police for safety due to his unethical behavior.

Accordingly, police swung in and arrested Nuwamanya to explain why residents are disappointed in his behaviors.

On search, eye witnesses told this reporter that Nuwamanya was found with an empty coffin of a baby, a White Chicken, Torn Money, and other unthinkable.

Upon interrogating Nuwamanya as to why he’s practicing witchcraft, he told police that it’s his friend/customer (name not given for security reasons) who put him into the deal.

He told officers that also wanted to get money like him (customer), and thus did everything he was told but unfortunately he hadn’t got the money as was promised.

One of his workmates Ahereza Nicole said, they would enjoy night clubbing and spending until morning but she would also get surprised how they are using money.

She added that their customer (not revealed) would sleep with different girls every night and in the morning sends her to shop for the girl(s) clothes of about three hundred thousand and per day.

The Sheema OC station Akarivenyima Levi said that it’s the very first time to arrest a person of this kind.

He urged youth to be patient and work hard instead of destroying their youthful years in witchcraft. Police is now on a hunt for the said don who’s misleading people.

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