You Are Our Messengers; Preach NRM Gospel To Ugandans- M7 Tells West Nile Leaders

The National Resistance Movement ‘NRM’ presidential flag bearer, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked the party leaders to help preach the gospel of prosperity and the achievements of the NRM to the people.

While addressing NRM leaders from Moyo, Madi Okollo, Obongi and  Adjumani districts of West Nile at Celecelea Stadium in Moyo Town Council, President Museveni said as priests do, the party leaders must deeply understand what the party stands for and this way they would be able to explain it to the people.

“There is a difference between a priest and Christian or sheikh and a Muslim. An ordinary Christian is a follower. Even if he doesn’t understand the Bible deeply but gets main points like 10 commandments and the key messages of loving God and Catechism, you will be a Christian and attend holy communion but a priest  must know theology and the whys, about Bible and all about Christian faith,” the NRM Presidential flag bearer said.

“As leaders you are priests of the NRM. You are not mere followers. You must know the whys. When we say unity, steady progress and transformation, you must know the reason behind it so that when you go to explain to followers, in case they try to challenge you or seek clarification, you have all the background information.

The President cited an example of the Bible where Jesus emphasized priests to know more about the Bible and its teachings.

He noted that leaders should know, not just the surface but must go deep to know the evolution of the country and how the NRM has helped transform the country.

“You have heard about the difficult times of this country and how Uganda had failed and how even neighbouring countries like Sudan were in trouble. You have to preach to our people to immunize ourselves against perpetual weaknesses for Africa.”

The NRM presidential candidate noted that the party leaders should inform people of wealth creation but working for both the stomach and their pockets.

He said this way; they will achieve prosperity, other than waiting for miracle wealth.


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